Complete On-Site Story List:

Original Stories

Adoption Day (Poem/SFW)

- A short poem about Sister Nunjara saying goodbye to an orphan on Adoption Day. (CW: Homophobia, transphobia, child abuse and neglect)

The Priest's Sacred Wine (Poem/NSFW)

- A short poem about Sister Nunjara getting a taste of Father's wine

Forgive Me, Father (Poem/NSFW) (WIP)- A short poem about a homophobic preacher's encounter with a certain nun. (CW: Homophobia, transphobia)

Meta's Taking Pictures (Poem/NSFW)

- A short poem about Metadata taking artsy nudes. (CW: Abduction fantasy)


Zapo and Nunjara (Story/NSFW) (Nitrome)

- Zapo from Nitrome's Fault Line spends the afternoon with Sister Nunjara.

Rotten Frogs (Story/NSFW/Dead Dove) (ARMS, 2017)

- Ninjara is disciplined by his teacher for his unruly behaviour. (CW: Non-con, body horror, "all-the-way-through", age gap sex/romance between adults, power imbalance (Student x teacher), mindbreak from abuse)