Rotten Frogs


(Author's Note: This fic takes place after the first Party Crash match-up between Ninjara and Min Min,"Martial Arts Mash-up", which took from place from 12/08/2017 to 12/11/2017. Ninjara is 22 years old at time in which this fic takes place. His teacher is in his late 50s.)


"......You've got to be kidding me...."


"Y-you're giving be a C+? on this!?"

"Yes, I am."

"B-but....that's not fair! I won against her, Sir!"

"Yes, I am aware, Ninjara. But it's not always about winning. Your technique was -"

"Oh my FUCKING God! You can't be serious!"

"EXCUSE ME? You CANNOT be talking to a teacher like th - "

"Oh SHUT THE FUCK UP, ALREADY!! Who sees a student suceeding in something and decides to give them a fucking C?!?!"



And then he hung up on him.

That phone call with his student was the only thing on the old frog's mind for a solid week. It replayed in his mind again and again as he sat by the little table in the kitchen, looking outside into the city surrounding his apartment complex. The subtle bubbling of the water in his electric kettle was the only thing besides his thoughts which accompanied him. The anger that came from being cussed out by his own student had long subsided, and all that remained was concern.

Despite Ninjara winning the Party Crash, Sir wasn't too pleased with his performance. He knew the ninja was a very formidable fighter, so why did he settle on just teleporting and grabbing Min Min again and again and again? Was he just nervous, or was there an issue more troubling and complex at play? Regardless of Ninjara's outburst, Sir wanted to retain an open mind and give the student a chance to fully express his side of the story.

"Hello?" asked a familiar voice coming from the door, which was followed by a few gentle knocks. "Sir, are you there?"

"Yes. It's open."

Ninjara gingerly opened the door to allow himself in. He had just came from his mid-day training session with Min Min at the Sky Arena, sporting a black tank top, spandex pants and white trainers. His long, straight, green hair was tied back in a messy bun. His arms of choice, a pair of green and blue chakrams, were slung over his shoulder. He took off his shoes at the door and hung his arms up on the coat hanger. He then reluntantly went into the little kitchen to meet his teacher.

"Good afternoon, Sir. I hope I'm not late."

"Good afternoon, Ninjara. You're just in time! Take a seat over there. I'm making tea for us." replied Sir politely as he gestured to the table.

Jara quietly pulled a chair and sat down by the kitchen table, slightly caught off guard by his teacher's hospitality.

"So how are you feeling today, Ninjara?"

"...Fine, Sir. Thank you. And you?"

"Good, good. I recently went to see that new movie yesterday. "NOPE" I think it was called. I thought it was good! Plenty of action and excitement."

"Oh, that one with Twintelle? I haven't seen that as yet."

"Really? You don't watch movies, Ninjara?"

"I'm afraid I just don't have the time these days. I didn't think you were into horror, Sir."

The little switch on the electric kettle finally popped up. Sir then carefully poured the boiling water into two mugs and stirred around their contents with two separate little metal spoons, one for each mug. He then carefully carried the two hot mugs and sat across from Ninjara at the table.

"Here, this one's yours." said Sir as he handed Ninjara a white mug with a Jamaican flag on it. It had black, bold text surrounding the flag with said "No problem! Jamaica".

"Thank you, Sir. Hey, is this the Jamaican flag?"

"Yes, it is! I've had it for a few years now. I got it from a little souvenir shop in Jamaica when I went vacationed there a few years ago."

"Oh wow, that's pretty interesting!" remarked Ninjara with geniune intrigue. He now felt a little more relaxed around Sir. "You like to travel?"

"Oh yes, I do! Just last year I went to New York during the holiday season. I got to visit the Rockefeller Center, which had this giant Christmas tree that thousands of people come to see every year!"

"Interesting!" said Ninjara. He thought about how nice it must have been to have all the money and time in the world to travel and see its wonders. Such a thing was just a fantasy for a university student.

After their little chat, silence momentarily settled over the two as they sipped their tea. Sir put down his mug before he continued.

"Now that we're settled, it's time for us to discuss why you're here, yes?"

Ninjara nodded.

"Right. So as you know, we recently got into an altercation over the phone just last week regarding your recent performance in the Party Crash. Your language especially was extremely obscene and not what is to be expected from a ninja. You cannot be talking to a teacher like this!"

"Yes, you're....right, Sir."

"Such behaviour can have you reported to the council and indefinately suspended, perhaps even expelled."

Ninjara's heart sank.

"Ah, b-but, Sir!" exclaimed Jara. "Surely there must be something I can do to make up for this, right?"



The old man sipped on his mug for an uncomfortably long time before he spoke again.

"..... I understand that students, especially of your calibre, are under stress to perform to the expectations set by lecturers such as myself. And of course, you have your project with the grand prix and the support you've accumulated...."


"..... So with all that considered, I'm willing to let this slide this one time. This outburst of yours will not be logged in our records."

Ninjara sighed a breath of relief -

"But, because of your behaviour, you must face some sort of disciplinary action."

".... Oh, I see." muttered Ninjara as his head hung down to the floor. He couldn't even bare to look his teacher in the eyes out of shame. ", understand."

"Good. Now come with me."

The old man got up from the table and went over to the living room to take a seat on the couch, with Ninjara following behind with hesitation.

"What exactly are we doing now, Sir?"

"Sit down on my lap and bend over."

".... W-what?"

"Just do it."

Perturbed by his demand but determined to try and make up for his outburst, Ninjara reluctantly obeyed. He wrapped his toned legs over the thick, wide lap of his teacher. He then carefully bent over to meet the carpeted floor, holding on to his teacher's calves for support. Warmth surged through his face as blood slowly rushed to his head.

Only a thin layer of spandex separated the ninja's most delicate, private parts from his teacher.

"Very good. Now then.....before we begin, I just want for both of us to be on the same page, not only as teacher and student, as also as men." gently reassured Sir. "Understand?"

"..... A-ah..... Yes?" replied Ninjara. He wasn't sure what to think or do anymore.

"Right. Just know that I don't intend to humiliate or scold you, but rather encourage you to do better. You're a talented fighter, you do understand that, right?"


Ninjara's eyes widened in shock at the feeling of..... his teacher's large hands rubbing his behind.

"..... S-sir, what are you d-"

"You have such precision, such elegance, such speed, such agility...." continued the old frog, completely ignoring Ninjara's concerned questioning. He proceeded to cup both perky cheeks and give them a firm squeeze. Toned and supple....

"You have talent, Ninjara...."

Ninjara's blood was starting to run cold.

"But when it comes to competitions -"


"You waste it all on just grabbing your opponents again and again!" yelled Sir.

"OW!" yelped Ninjara. "S-Sir -"


"Such speed and agility, wasted on just teleporting!"


"O-OH! Sir, P-please sto-"


"I know very well that no one in this school taught you these disgraceful ways!"

As his lecturer's hands cracked down on him, Ninjara slowly realized that something was..... abnormal about how his body felt.

He should have hated it. He should have teleported out of his grasp, socked him in the throat and dashed out of that room. He should have reported the incident to the Council by now.

So why did he feel his body growing more relaxed and numb with every last tap? And why did he feel the need to arch his back to stick his rear more into his teacher's face?

"You ...spiked my fucking tea, d-didn't you?" replied Jara out of shock. What was supposed to be spout of anger ended up becoming a moan. "What the hell is wrong with y-yo-"


"Mind your language, boy! Do you even remember why you got yourself into this predicament? Or were your thoughts completely thrown of by lust? Perhaps I need to be a little bit more strict with you....."


Ninjara's whole body flinched to the sudden, loud tearing sound of his pants being tore apart. The exposed, red skin of his seat was exposed to his lecturer's lustful eyes, whose rough fingers wasted no time pulling the tight cheeks apart to peep at his student's hole. His glistening light brown skin was soft, smooth and warm to the touch. A far cry from the cold, clammy skin of frogs and toads.

"S-SIR -"



For as long as he could remember, Sir was fascinated by the anatomy of the human body. Since his college days, he spent hours studying it obsessively, endless, tirelessly, to one day become a surgeon. He was especially enamoured by the of the gastrointestinal tract, with the long winding mazes of the intestines, to the seemingly silky smooth inner linings of the esophagus, to the sleeks curves of the stomach's lesser and greater curvatures. Then, after years of operating and enjoy the great pleasures that his hard-earned degrees had bought him, he had to retire. As for why he had to retire, he doesn't want to talk about, and neither do his colleagues. Fortunately for him, however, one thing lead to another and somehow, he became a Biology and Ninjutsu teacher at Rasen University. He was never married, much to the confusion of his colleagues and even students, who constantly pestered him with the same corny and irritating, albeit well-meaning "Don't worry! There's plenty of frogs in the pond!" comments for decades. Little did they know that the state-of-the-art biological machines that were the human body were his one true, undying love. And it was gone now.

He lived comfortablely and peacefully in his little apartment not too far from Rasen, and had all money from his surgeon days and teaching gig to buy a nice, big house if he wanted to, but was content with living small. But he was getting old now, and bored with life as he knew it. He grew to resent his job of educating aspiring ninjas despite how much he grew to like it over the years.

That was until Ninjara joined the university a few years ago.

The old frog's taught his fair share of talented students who were passionate about the art of ninjutsu, but none of them could hold a candle to Ninjara. He never missed a day of class, even when sick. Never gave trouble to hand up his assignments on time, no matter how difficult. Never struggled to quickly learn and master any technique he was taught, no matter how complex. Jara was always a joy to teach, and Jara himself, being the shy person he was, always enjoyed Sir's lectures due to how laidback and easily approachable he was. Naturally, this led to the frog and the ninja growing fond of eachother, but it never led to anything intimate occurring between them, of course. Sir was always just a great teacher to Jara, as Jara was zoned off to just being a good student to the frog.

And Sir hated it. He hated how beautiful Ninjara was. The tight, defined muscles. The smooth, perfect skin. The long hair. The curves. The face. The strength. His youth. Ninjara's body was impeccable. A modern day biomechanical masterpiece, with power and elegance on par with a marble statue.

For years, Sir monitored Jara's growth from afar, watching in awe as that scrawny, baby faced 19 year old developed into a strong, proper man and forminable assassin.

He was always quiet and hard-working, always confident yet humble...

So to see that assassin, so strong and powerful, reducing himself to being a punching bag or one-trick pony with his teleporting skills angered him. But also, to see that fine young man, so dignified and serious, moaning no differently from a porn star..... sparked his brain in ways he couldn't bear to admit to the world.


".... You seem to be enjoying yourself down here, Ninjara." playfully teased Sir as his grithy fingers gently stroked and prodded at the tight, round, growing bulge which straddled Sir's own. "This is supposed to be a punishment! You're not supposed to like this!"


"Relax. Just let it happen."


"...Tell me about that blonde, noodle head girl. Do you like her?"

"...You mean Min Min?"

"Yes, her."

"J-just what does she have to do wi-?"


"AAAH~! Ah....alr-ight....yes. I...I sort of do, but..."


"Well, she...doesn't seem to the same way, I guess?"

"I see. She gives you trouble, doesn't she? I can tell by the stress in your eyes when you look at her."

"Oh, n-no Sir, it's not like t-"


"OH!~ Shit.... Ok, yes, she can be rather t-troublesome when ready. Rather, strict or mean, I could say."

Sir delicately massaged his tensed up seat with his thumbs to comfort him. This got a small, genuinely relieved moan out of Ninjara, much to the ninja's embrassment and to Sir's amusement.

"Tell me more."

"....I... well... she can be a bit rough with me. I remember about a few days before the party crash between us, she got pretty angry with me when I went to get a drink from a vending machine she wanted to use bacause thought I was taking too long."

"Yes. She then accused me of trying to seduce her becuase she thought my pants were too tight, saying that wearing pants so small wasn't going to make it look any bigger, or something among those lines."

"What?! That's ridicious!" exclaimed Sir in geninue stupor.

"Y-yeah. And then during our sparring session today, some light fixture got hit by someone or something and it nearly crashed down on me. I was able to move out of the way on time. She then decided to end the session early and leave. And when she was leaving, I was just able to hear her mumble to herself something like "Well, better you than me." and she just left without telling anyone else."

"Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry that you had to face that." replied Sir with a sad, worried smile, geniunely concerned about his student.

"I'm ...accustomed to all the jabs at this point, or at least I think I am. She is pretty rough, but .... I think that she really just wants what's best for other fighters, y'know?"


"I've seen her get along well with the other fighters. She makes sure to stream Ribbon's albums a lot at the noodle house to promote them. And she's very supportive of Mechanica's endeavours to compete in the league. She even gets along well enough with Spring Man, despite complaining about how loud and brash he can be."


"Besides, maybe she is right about these pants being too ti-"


"Shit! W-what was that f-for? Did I say something bad?"

Ninjara looked back up at the frog out of shock. The last few taps actually hurt.

"Why must you be so foolish as to make excuses for such a wretched woman?!" angrily yelled the old man, with his fat hands cracking down on the ninja's now tenderized butt. "I understand that you're not one to hold a grudge against others, but come on!"


"ACK!! S-top that!! Please!" cried out Ninjara in agonizing, humiliating pain. His body writhed and squirmed uncontrollably under the pinning weight of the old man's massive legs. Sir was much stronger than he suspected, with the sheer strength of those legs being on par with Master Mummy's freakishly burly arms.


A stuffy, fuzzy pink slipper was stuffed inside of Ninjara's mouth as Sir's strong legs pinned him harder down to the floor. Despite the drug numbing his body, Ninjara's sharp senses were still there, fully aware of the abuse unfolding. But, to his dismay, they were ulitimately useless.

"Not until I'm able to make a proper man out of you, Ninjara! You must stop letting people like her walk all over you!" growled the frog in deep, raspy voice that was not like him at all. His eyes hyperfixated on the subtle jiggling of Jara's exposed ass with every slap.

Sir was losing it. And both men knew this.

"Th-that's IT! E-ENOUGH!" exclaimed Ninjara, trying his hardest to sound threatening as he used up the last of his dwindling strength to try and pull himself out of Sir's leglock....

....but he wasn't going anywhere.


"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!~" screamed Ninjara into the two pink slippers plugged deeper inside his mouth.

"You bad little BITCH! Save this attitude for THAT wretch, not me!" scolded the wrathful old frog as his hands grew sore from corperal punishment. Jara's ass was firmer than a brick house, but even concrete had to crack at some point.

Sir hesitated for moment. He knew for a fact that this was truly going too far. He knew this would scar Ninjara more than it would ever scar himself or his own reputation... but Ninjara made his bed....

....and now he had to lie in it.

A giant, lengthy, wet throbbing tounge, drenched with slobber, lust and wrath, protruded from his giant mouth and ever so delicately teased the tight, sweaty, salty hole.

Ninjara froze.


Salt and sweat from today's training. Waste and bile from winding, curling intestines. Stinging, bitter acid from the delicate, intricate rugae of the stomach's lining. Lipton tea with only one pack of sugar. Spit from his writhing, gagging throat. And cool air as the tounge cartoonishly popped out of the mouth. Such were the sensations that stimulated every inch of Sir's tounge.

He was as warm, tight and savoury as he expected. Truly a perfect specimen.

Stomach churning terror. The verge of tears. The sting of shame. The grit of taste buds. Hatred. Shock. Pain. Pleasure. Denial. Despair. And dreaded, sick, shameful excitement. Such was the rat's nest of emotions Ninjara felt festering inside his chest.

Ninjara could not scream, or vomit, or bawl. Not when his own teacher's massive tounge gagged him from the inside.

He couldn't fight back either. Not when his numbed body had fully succumbed to the aphrodisacs.

He could only remain paralyzed in place, forced to take it all in, as his fully exposed body remained wedged between Sir's bulky legs. His thin black vest dangled from his strained neck down onto the carpet. He wished it was a noose instead.

The friction of tastebuds along the mucosa of a human's gastrointestinal tract was foreign to Jara. So was the inhuman squirming and bulging of his bowels, which danced and shivered freely in the abdominal cavity. The sheer girth threatened to burst open his insides as it pushed and pulled back and forward in the narrow confines of the winding path. The pain was akin to the familiar stomach pains that came with overeating, but amplifyed by a thousand, and mutated into a horribly stimulating sensation that no human was designed by nature to feel...

.....Let alone enjoy.

And when he gazed, upside down, at the sight of his deformed bowels bulging out from his stomach, he saw the white dripping from his head.

He didn't want to believe it, but it happened.

He had climaxed.

Sir felt the slow, clammy, cold trickle of Ninjara's cum down his ankles and into the fabric of his fuzzy, pink slippers. He grew engaged by this, jealous of Jara's ability to cum quickly and easily.

Ninjara whimpered in surprise as Sir's giant, coarse, girthy hand appruptly yanked him by his hair and stuffed his violent, throbbing boner into a small, tight, dripping gap in his mouth. The edges of his mouth were on the verge of splitting wide open, but he was far too overstimulated to process the pain. And for Sir, it was exactly what he imagined a woman's vagina to feel like.

Pure, raw bliss.

Loud, uncontrollable cries of pent up raw pleasure rang out from the depths of Sir's throat. Hard, fast pumps of semen gushed out from his hard dick and all over his student's face, coating it in a sickening, damning white.

He didn't care to stay quiet anymore. Life as he knew it was over.


The next few minutes stretched out for what seemed like hours as the screams of climax were replaced by the quiet tension of after-sex clarity. Ninjara's body didn't flinch one bit as Sir gingerly pulled out his excessively long tounge out from where it came in, taking in all those nuanced textures and flavours one more time. Once it popped out, he carefully lifted up the numb body of his student and embraced him in his arms. Jara then started to shiver now, with sweat and semen running down from his naked body.

"Oh..... Oh, dear. I' I'm....I'm sorry, Ninjara." said Sir in an akward attempt to apologise for what he had done. He embraced the ninja's shivering, sweating, terrified frame tightly. Blood, cum, spit and sweat leaked from his student's used up hole onto his robe. He had definitely gone too far.

Jara buried his face deep into his teacher's soft robe, unable to look him in the eye. Loud, uncontrolled sobs soaked deep into the fabric of his defamer.

He was raped.

By his own teacher.

The back of his mind knew this. His gut feeling knew this (literally and figuratively). The tears running down his face all this time knew it.

And yet... somehow, for some deeper, all too complicated and dreaded reason....

He liked it. He truly did like it.

Loved it, even.

But what kind of formidable fighter would just allow his own mentor to violate him so? He knew couldn't live the same way again after this.

".... T-thank you." were the only words Ninjara could muster the strength to say with his coarse voice, choked up on sorrow.

"Why are you thanking me?"

"....For...For properly discipling m-me, Sir...I haven't been a good student at all. I deserved this....

"No, no, dear! You've always been a lovely student! I just want what's best for you, that's all! But I clearly went too far with what I did. I should be the one apologizing. I'm sorry, dear."

Ninjara just kept crying.

"Y'know, I will always remember the day when you came on campus for the first time. Your hair was messy, you legs were rather scrawny. You looked so nervous. You seemed afraid to talk to everybody. To see this prodigy here today, in my arms, as this big, strong, handsome man is a blessing to me. A miracle."

His meaty fingers traced little lines on the intricate cuts of pure muscle on his back.


".....Are you lonely on campus, Jara?"

He could only nod.

"You don't have any friends to speak to?"

"Oh no, I do, I guess. I just d-don't get them? Like, I don't understand them."

"What about family?"

"I cut them off as soon as I joined here."

Sir refused to push further.

"Would you like to spend some time with me again tomorrow? I promise that I won't do..."this" again."


He craved attention now.

"....But, just be a litle more gentle, please."

His request got a surprised chuckle out of the frog, who pulled him into the hug even more.

Jara's "sobs" were slowly starting to pipe down as he pulled his face out of the old man's now drenched shoulder. Their eyes met.....

And they kissed. Slowly, passionately and carelessly, without a care for where the frog's tounge had been.

The golden evening ouside leisurely faded into a soft, purple-pink glow that seeped into the room and bathed the two men. Sir's eyes savoured the gentle glimmer of Ninjara's tan skin and green hair in the late evening's gleam. Jara's head rested on his chest, breathing softly and slowly now that his body was fully relaxed.

They savoured eachothers' presence in silence. Arms entwined in arms. Body entwined to body. Soul entwined to soul.

And in that moment, the old man, his old man, could feel his student, despite everything, intrusting his life within the confines of his bare hands....

And it was exactly what he wanted.

After years of living with shame, confusion and guilty lust, Sir's taboo fantasy of exploring his star student's perfect body had just become a reality, as did Ninjara's humble fantasy of achieving some much needed attention.

But what costs would come with commiting such acts against his own student?

That was left to be seen.