The Priest's Sacred Wine

There's a sacred wine for only God's most divine

They can only taste one shot at a time

Slightly more sour than your typical wine

And pure white in colour, stains your habit in honour

Best enjoyed warm, leaves you craving for more

Tis' a divine reward for God's blessed whores.

Devoted Sister Nunjara is next in line,

to get a taste of the priest's sacred wine.

But first, Nunjara must please the priest

in order to be worty of such a feast.

Sister Nunjara comes up on his knees

Father looks down, he likes what he sees.

Luscious lips wrap around Father's tip

The rest is pushed in as Father thrusts his hips.

Lips carass Father as the tongue teases

Nunjara impresses him as he eases

into the work only the most holy nuns

can do to make a priest's mind run.

With the grace of woman and wet lips like honey

Nunjara gives Satan's daughters a run for their money.

The lustful moans that Sister hears

signal that God's presence is drawing near.

Proud Father has now come undone

Such a feat can only be done by a nun.

Sister blesses Father's earth.

He moans sweetly.

Sister has proven his worth.

He'll be rewarded greatly.

His mouth opens wide

and God comes inside.

What Sister enjoys next

only Father will decide.