"Zapo and Nunjara"


"Aw, shit. This ain't the facility...."

Zapo checked his system's map to see where he was. It told him that he was no longer in the same Nitrome Universe he knew.

It told him he was in a different universe in which the Apocalypse impacted Earth so hard that it didn't just wipe out Earth, but the entire Universe!

And yet, for an Post-Apocalyptic universe, it looked very.... Peaceful.

"... Huh. Interesting."

Zapo stood up, dusted himself off and scanned his surroundings. The cloudy afternoon sky washed the world in a soothing orange. Neatly and lovingly kept rose bushes surrounded the little purple robot like old, familiar friends. In the distance stood, loud and proud, a gigantic church.

In the distance he heard what sounded like faint humming sounds and water running from a tap. He was able to make out a tall figure in a black veil and habit filling up a watering can. The figure definitely looked like a nun, nuns also existed in his universe, but he was taken back by the voice.

Weren't all nuns supposed to be women? The figure looked female for sure. She had kinky green hair, dark brown skin, and looked very elegant. She had long eyelashes, but why did she have red eyes? Was she evil? Her voice sounded very deep and raspy, almost like a man's. But it had an inviting, soothing, feminine quality to it. She seemed like she could have been very kind. Was she born with that voice?

Zapo hid behind the bushes as the figure walked pass them with a now full watering can. He didn't know what to do. He first thought about escaping the church to risk finding a way back home in this unpredictable, dangerous, new world. He then peaked out of the bushes to look at the nun again.

She kneeled on the ground to water some tall sunflowers growing in a brown pot. She also seemed to humming some song to herself. Probably a hymn?

She looked completely harmless.

The robot decided to risk it and ask the nun where he was in Neo Pangaea.

Amist their humming, Nunjara heard little footsteps in the dirt path coming closer to him. He looked to his left to be caught slightly off guard by a shy, little, purple and yellow robot coming towards him.

Nunjara was no stranger to taking care of people from different species. He's cared for bugs, ghosts, rare humans, other robots, AI programs and even demons. But something about this robot was odd. He had never seen him before plus he just seemed to have just magically appeared in the yard. Where did he come from?

"Hello, ma'am. My name is Zapo. I'm from a different universe called the Nitrome Universe. I'm a test subject robot from the Fault Line testing facility."

"Oh, hello Zapo! Aren't you a cute little thing! My name is Sister Nunjara. Nice to meet you! I've never heard of such a place before. Would you like to come and take a walk with me? I can show you the church and you can tell me more about yourself."

"Yes please, I would like that."

Nunjara stood up and dusted his habit off. "Ok, then! Let's take a nice walk, shall we?"


Zapo followed behind Sister as he admired the lovingly-kept flora of the church gardens. The two talked for what seemed like hours about who they were, where they came from, what they stood for and did for a living.

"This church you see here, Zapo, is called the SecretChurch. It's a place dedicated to taking care of outcasts in our world, who are often queer people like myself. We have over 500 people to take care off, over 100 are children. My sisters and I work every day to care for them and eventually help them get back on their feet to live in the world."

"Oh, wow, that's pretty damn honourable." said Zapo with genuine awe and admiration. "I can respect someone who wants to help others. Sounds like a lot of work, though. I don't think I can do what you guys do every day!"

"It's hard work, but we enjoy everything we do. What do you do, Zapo?"

"Well, ma'am, I'm started out as a test subject for my facility. In my Universe, they discovered these strange rifts or tears in space that were in the space time continuum itself, right, and scientists were pretty concerned about them! Thought they could destroy our universe or let some real fucked up monsters in or somethin'. So they wanted to make a machine or something to try and "fold" or "bend" reality so they can close those rifts."


"They managed to harness a VERY small fraction of one of the rifts' power and put it in these little things we call "nodes". They wanted to make a machine that could pull nodes together and learn how to bend space time. That way they could make a "guardian" who could oversee the development of rifts in space and repair them before they got out of hand. Took them well over 2000 test subject robots who were like me to try and get this whole "space-bending" thing down. I was the first and only one who got it right."

"My goodness, Zapo. That's incredible!" replied Nunjara with awe. He never knew that such things like bending reality and tearing holes in space-time itself were possible. "It must have been hard for you to do learn how to do such a thing."

"Not really? I just held to nodes together and they just connected and closed an entire hallway. Not sure how I did it, but hey, it's worked, right?"

The two duo continued their tour with Nunjara showing Zapo all of the beautiful flora that he and other nuns spent years growing.

Nunjara took pride in showcasing their prized flowers and went into utmost detail describing the time and effort that went into growing each one. He listed several fun facts about those flowers, talking about how flowers are thermogenic and can generate heat to attract pollinators, and how flowers are said to hear bees....

But Zapo, as genuinely intrigued by Sister's explanations as he was, was much more interested in something else.

He was emamored by Sister's mere existence.

Nunjara, who was already quite tall, was like a absolute giant to Zapo, who was only 3 feet 4 inches tall. He was incredibly buff, with toned muscles poking through the black habit, soaked from sweat from the heat.

He was especially fascinated by the hints of what seemed like a sweating bulge nestled between his large, strong thighs. He savoured the moments in which it occasionally clinged momentarily to the thin fabric, allowing him to see hints of its full length.

And if Zapo wasn't looking at Sister's bulge or thighs, he was looking at his giant, toned arms and big hands as they tenderly handled the delicate flowers to show them to the robot.

And also his large butt and hips that hypnotised him with how they swayed when he walked, which was why Zapo opted to follow behind him.

And also his giant chest with subtly bounced when he walked as well as the sweaty abs that peaked though the thin habit.

Zapo was quickly becoming more focused on the beauty of the nun rather than the beauty of the flora...

And Nunjara could tell. Zapo's big, silly-looking, LED light eyes failed to hide his lust, but he wasn't offended by this. Rather, he was intrigued and even a bit flattered.

Eventually, they finally toured the entire garden and it was time for Nunjara to pack up his watering can in the tool shed, which stood in the middle of the garden, far away from the church.

"That was nice, wasn't it, Zapo? I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our gardens!" said Nunjara as he unlocked the shed door.

"It was quite nice! Thank you for showing me around, Sister." happily replied Zapo.

"You are most welcome! You seemed to especially like those pink roses, yes?"

"Oh, yeah. They were pretty! Never knew roses came in that colour!"

"And you seemed to be particularly enamored with my blue hydrangeas! You're eyes were fixed on them!"

"Ah... right! They were pretty.

"Oh, and don't forget about those venus fly traps, huh? They were cool, yes?"

"....Yeah! THat was cool!"

"Yes. It was especially cool that we don't have them!"

"O-Oh! Uh....."

Sister opened the shed door, packed away the watering can and sat down on a wooden seat.

"Listen, sweetheart, it's not nice to not pay any attention to when someone is talking to you!" he lectured to the now nervous bot."I may need to punish you for this...."

Nunjara pulled back the fabric of his habit to show off a ridiculously large dick print.

"Oh.. I..", nervously muttered Zapo.

"Be honest with me, darling. You have a thing for dick, don't you?"


Zapo's little body was pumped up and down the meaty shaft of Nunjara's monster cock as it brutally plunged into his tight little pussy.

Nunjara was surprised to see how well Zapo was taking it. He never would have expected such a little thing to be so skilled at this.

Zapo's looks were truly deceiving. His small body held what seemed like a pocket dimension made solely for hardcore penetration. No matter how deep Nunjara thrusted it in, he could never struggle to fit it all the way in. What a strange little bot.

"You naughty little bitch! I find that you're enjoying this too much! Did your facility build you to do something other than conduct tests? Or did you sneak out to get a few upgrades on your own?"

"Ah, shit~! I....I snuck out...."

"What would those hard working scientists at the facility think about this?"

"They already know. All of em'. I've slept with at least half of em' at this point! Sometimes we do it at work too..."

Nunjara stopped thrusting into Zapo to fiercely pinch his throbbing wet clit as punishment. The little robot whimpered from the sensations of both Nunjara's giant cock jammed inside him as well as the giant, thick fingers squeezing and tugging at the delicate rose bud.

"My goodness, you're completely out of control! You're more corrupted and perverted than me!" exclaimed Nunjara. "I'm actually impressed that a little thing like you can do that!"

"Ahhh! Yes, God! Bless my wretched earth with your seed! Crush my pride and relieve me of man-made sins!"

"Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!"

"Nail my legs down to the cross and break me! Turn this lowly sow into your divine whore!"

"Oh my Goodness!"


Zapo cried out loudly as a clear purple liquid sprayed out wildly from his pussy and covered the wooden walls and floor of the shed. His little body quivered uncontrollably in Nunjara's burly arm which tightly wrapped around him. The nun's big fingers remained clamped down on the defenceless little bud for what seemed like an entire minute until Zapo finished cumming.

"O-oh...... F-uck......." moaned Zapo, completely worn out from his orgasm.

"That WASN'T supposed to make you cum!" exclaimed Nunjara out of shock. "At least not yet! It was just supposed to torture you a bit!"

"H-ah.... Really? Then you shouldn't have teased it t-that much, Si-ssy! Ah~" whispered Zapo, still shaking from the orgasm.

"Hm? Is this bossy toy trying to tell me how to fuck now? You're in no place to be giving me orders, slut!"

Nunjara gently and slowly pulled Zapo off of his dick, the robot's torso gripped with a single, thick hand. Zapo yelped in agonizing pleasure as he was quickly reminded of his place. Purple squirt mixed with precum from Nunjara drenched their legs and the wooden floor as it fell out of the bot's little pussy.

Curiosity then got the best of Sister as he bought Zapo's body up to his mouth, parted the soaked lips of his quivering pussy and proceeded to eat him out.

Zapo screamed in surprised delight as Nunjara's thick, wet tongue ravaged his sensitive insides, hungrily lapping up the purple fluids.

"Ahhhh~! Let me guess. This is another one of your so called "Punishments", ain't it, S-Sister?" teased Zapo. Or at least he tried to. "Fuck, s-top... I'm gonna bust again, woman.... " he whimpered.

Upon inspection, Nunjara found out that said fluids were.... surprisingly sweet! They had a fruity taste to them and reminded him of grape soda.

Zapo's frailing legs kicking about in the air didn't stop Sister from sucking out the sweet juice from his tight slit. Just as he was about to climax a second time, Nunjara pulled out his tounge, his whole face dripping in glistening, purple juice.

"Don't try to lecture me about my punishments, little one. Besides, I'm not done here as yet!" said Nunjara in his stern voice. "You strike me as the type of person who can be rather troublesome and selfish when he's ready. You're going to learn how to serve others today."

He stood up and rested Zapo on the wooden seat, his shivering legs barely able to keep him standing.


Zapo obeyed.

"Clasp your hands together in prayer. And keep them clasped."

Zapo obeyed.

"Don't be shy, now. Look at me."

Zapo obeyed.

Sister's monster cock, drenched in lust, loomed over the bot's flushed little face.

"I want you to suck this clean and make me cum, ok, sweetie? It's not fair that you get to cum but I haven't as yet."

"Y-yes, Sister."

Zapo opened his mouth to reveal a fleshlight-like device in his mouth, as well as his wet, metallic, silver tongue. They stuck out from the sharp fangs of his mouth.

Nunjara didn't hesitate to stick his cock into the device's wet hole, which throbbed with arousal. He wasn't afraid of the jagged fangs, much to the surprise of Zapo. who often had clients turn down blowjobs from him out of fear that he would bites their dicks clean off.

"O-ooooooh, fuck. This is just as tight as that cute slit of yours..." moaned Sister as his slowly thrusted in and out of the bot's mouth.

Zapo struggled to not topple over as Sister buried his hips into his little face. Much like his pussy, his mouth also held a pocket dimension made for sexual penetration. It wrapped around the nun's cock, savouring the sweet taste of his own juices that lingered on it like dew. His tounge caressed the nun's balls as much as possible whenever he thrusted his entire member inside.

Thinking that Sister was fully distracted, Zapo unclasped his hands and slowly flew them over to Sister's backside. His sweaty, strong legs and ass were completely exposed as the black fabric of the habit hung on top his hips. Zapo's little hands squeezed his soft, yet firm ass. The tiny fingers roamed his ass and slipped down to his thighs, tracing their defined musculature.

'This naughty little bitch.... He can't enjoy these goods unless he properly repents for his "sins"!' exclaimed Sister in his mind as he noticed that Zapo was disobeying him. Despite this, he was too close to climaxing to care. It was getting too difficult to keep this stern facade up.

Then a devious thought came up in his mind. And a devious grin appeared on his face.

Nunjara slowly pulled out his cock from Zapo's mouth, which caught the bot off guard.

"Zapo, sweetie, you didn't think I would catch you disobeying me like this, did you?" said Nunjara as he pulled off the tiny hands from his ass and dangled them by the fingers. "You were supposed to keep them clasped, remember?"

"O-oh, no! Heh....Sorry, Sister. They seem to have a mind of their own, huh?" nervously replied Zapo with a bit of playfulness.

"Oh really? Well then, here what I want you to do for me with them and that tongue~".

Zapo's silly eyes widened in surprised as Nunjara turned around to point his giant, sweating bubble butt at the robot's little face. He bent over and pulled his cheeks apart to show his tight, defined asshole. He felt his pussy get wet just looking at it.

"Stick that tounge inside and clean there out too." ordered Nunjara. "And finish me off with those hands of yours."

And Zapo obeyed.

Sister carefully sat back down with his grand ass pressing its weight down on the bot's little body, which was now lying down on the seat. The tongue moving about inside excited him greatly as he was amused by the scene playing out behind him. He moaned in delight as the little hands quickly and eagerly stroked him off in front.

"Oh G-God, fuck...." moaned Sister as the tongue massaged his walls and his asshole and sometimes slipped out to tease the taint. One hand teased the balls while the other teased the head, which was oozing in precum. Behind him, Zapo happlily drowned in Sister's ass, his tight hole and its sweaty musk and flavours. This was the taste and scent of someone who worked very hard and very often. Juice dripped from his cunt and puddled at his legs, with no way to pleasure himself. But just this once, he was cool with it.

"A-aaaah! Oh fuck.... Please God, let me me cum, please..." begged Nunjara as he finally felt his climax rapidly approaching. Zapo's hands rubbed him off rapidly.



Thick, pure white cum shot out uncontrollably from Sister's dick, covering the wooden walls and floors of the shed the same way Zapo's squirt did. The bot continued to eat him out and stroke him off for what seemed like a solid minute and a half until he knew the job was done.


Lukewarm water ran from the tap and into an old, metal bucket. Sister then turned off the tap and carried the filled bucket and an old rag over to a bench, where an unconcious bot rested. Nunjara dipped the rag in the water, rang it out till it was damp and gently wiped the bot's body clean.

Zapo became unconscious after Sister's climax. Nunjara had stood up "congratulate" Zapo on repenting for his "sins", only to find out that the bot blacked out. He initially panicked, think that he crushed him under his weight, but after noticing a subtle "breathing" idle animation, he knew that he was going to be fine.

The orange light from the evening was starting to fade as the sun was setting. Nunjara was surprised to see this, realizing that they had been inside of that shed for hours. He started to focus thinking about getting a bed for Zapo to sleep in for the night, knowing he wouldn't wake up anytime soon.

Suddenly, a portal had opened up behind Nunjara, which startled him. Out of the portal came a warlock with a golden staff, an orange and red robot and another purple robot with a drill attached to the top of his head.

"Beep boop! Hey, look!" exclaimed the robot with the drill. "It's Zapo! He's here, guys!"

The orange robot was relieved to see Zapo. The moody-looking, mysterious warlock didn't seem to care.

"Oh no! Did something bad happen to him?" exclaimed the orange bot. He quickly ran up to Nunjara. "Hi, excuse me, miss. We're from the Nitrome Universe. I'm Magneboy, this is Chiseller and that is a warlock. Can you tell us what happened to our friend? His name is Zapo."

"Oh, he just appeared in the garden and he was very scared at first to talk to us. But then he warmed to us and he had a very fun day helping me and my fellow sisters at the church! I think he's just tired now.

"Beep Boop! Oh, really? That isn't like him at all!" replied Chiseller. "He usually sleeps with any random stranger he finds attractive. And he's very bossy! Bossier than Foreman Buzz!"

"Chiseller!!! You can't say that infront of a stranger, let alone a nun!" Magneboy yelled.

"What? You know it's true. Beep."


The warlock couldn't help but snicker to himself.

Magneboy carefully lifted Zapo up, holsted him over his shoulder and carried him back to the portal.

"Thank you for keeping our friend out of trouble! We'll take care of him from here. Beep boop!" said Chiseller.

"Oh, you're most welcome! You're all free to visit the SecretChurch anytime you want!" said Nunjara with a smile.

The warlock nodded to Nunjara as his way of saying goodbye and closed the portal.

Nunjara then went back to the church to bathe and get ready for supper.