The Safe For Work Gallery Sketches . Paintings . Graphic Design . Pixel Art . Mixed Media . Collages . Experiments . Photography . and more!

This gallery contains some of my safe for work/suggestive/slightly edgy orignal art and fanart!

You can visit my Instagram, Twitter or Newgrounds to see more art of mine.

Content Warning: artwork shown here contains nudity, light suggestive imagery/themes, drug use, light violence and light blood.

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Original art

This section has art of my original characters as well as other random things.

Jones Rabbit Returns Cigarette Kiss Sister Nunjara's Sunday School For Demons Queer Without Fear! Ultra City WHAT WILL IT TAKE How's About Another Joke, Jones? Bi Pan Solidarity Beware of the Heteros! Nature is Queer A mixed media collage with Jones covering himself.  He is holding his exposed heart with three hands and a bloody arrow with other hand. The text on top says 'FEAR THIS QUEER!' in all caps. The text on the bottom says 'THIS BODY IS MY WORLD!'. Lyrics for Nine Inch Nails' 'Terrible Lie' are also overlapping over Jones. Queer Power!

Fan art

I've made art for many of my favorite pieces of media, which are sometimes kinda niche (shows, videogames, movies, music, etc.)!