This section contains resources for a variety of things, like html5 coding, useful learning tools, educational websites about social justice related issues and more!

There are even links to other cool neocities sites!

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Html5/CSS Coding

These sites provide free, easy-to-follow tutorials on how to make your own website in Html5! They help me out a lot!

Tech Articles/Sites

Web3 is Going

A site which reports on corrupt practices in crypto/blockchain tech.

Educational Tools/Resources


This website is a database which gives free and unrestricted access to millions of scientific articles from around the world!

Social Justice Resources

Decolonize Palestine

A website dedicated to educating readers about the history of Palestine, as well as debunking myths and disinformation that aim to justify Isreal's genocidal crimes against Palestinians.

Digital Transgender Archive

A database full of articles, books, pictures, flyers, old newspaper articles, etc. which archive transgender/ngc history.

Interactive AIDS Quilt

Page of the American National AIDS Memorial site that showcases the entire AIDS Quilt.

For Making your Site Look Nice

Web Neko

Have a little cat chase around your cursor on a page of your website!


A HUGE archive of 90's/early 2000's GIFs from Geocities sites.


An external file storage site which provides 200mb in storage space.

EZ Gif

Online, easy-to-use GIF maker.

Busy Beaver Button Museum

Online archive containing pngs of thousands of vintage buttons. A majority of decorative vintage buttons I have on this site are from here.

Media Creation/Comsumption

A crowdsourced database of trigger warnings for various media.

A site dedicated to educating western fandoms about fujoshi/BL culture, as well as the harmful consequences of anti-fandom behaviours (Eg: Hate, harassment and misinformation from antis).

A database of warnings for depictions of sexual violence in media.

Cancelled Resources

A useful guide on how to protect yourself from online harassment as an artist.

Cool Neocities Sites

This section contains links to some of my favourite sites on Neocities!