Welcome to the Fault Line E-shrine. This is a secret character shrine dedicated to Zapo from Nitrome's Fault Line. Enjoy your stay (and don't wander too deep into the shrine...).

What is Fault Line?

"Fault Line is a puzzle-platform game released June 16, 2010. It is considered by some to be one of Nitrome's most ingenious games. The player controls a purple robot named Zapo who has to complete levels using his ability of merging and unmerging walls with the two nodes on his hands." - Nitrome Wiki

Why did I make a character shrine for a Nitrome character?

Because I can lol.

Also, fuck cringe culture!

Cringe culture is DEAD!

Who is Zapo?

This guy!

(Picture taken from the Nitrome Wiki article for Zapo)

How did I find out about Fault Line and Zapo?

I was a HUGE Nitrome fan as a little kid. Since I found out about Nitrome when I was 6-7, I've been playing their games and drawing the little characters! I was 10 years old in June 2010 when "Fault Line" was released! I honestly thought that Zapo looked a bit lame at first. Like a total nerd who would be stuffed in a locker by cooler characters like Jack Frost (another Nitrome character I really like). I clicked on the icon for Fault Line, expecting a really lame game with a really lame character I could dunk on for fun...until I saw the title screen.

In the blink of an eye, and in the most dramatic fashion, I saw Zapo split apart the fabric of reality on the Fault Line title screen for the first time! 10 year old old me was silent as whatever mocking or judgmental ideas I had about the game were blown away. To this day, it's still one of the sickest things I've ever seen from any piece of media. The main menu theme then played. It wasn't like the cutesy, bloppy, happy, groovy music that was common in most Nitrome games back then (and even now, I think!) It was dark, somber, futuristic. Very lonely. 10 year old me, who was now starting to explore her interest in spooky, gothic things was hooked now.

Then I started the first level. Followed the little tutorial hologram showing me how to fold space by clicking and dragging the little nodes on the walls. Then I folded space-time for the first time. And the rest was history.

Why do I like Zapo?

He's adorable and cool! I always thought that the idea of a cute character having terrifying, reality-breaking powers was so cool! Flandre Scarlet and Kirby are 2 examples of characters who also fall under this trope that I liked since I was a kid.

Now, as an adult who draws NSFW art, I've taken a new-found interest in Zapo. I usually draw porn of tall, thick, bara men with fat asses, big boobs and giant dicks in feminine clothing, so Zapo's tinier, cuter, innocent appearance stands out among those men. There's something very interesting and even arousing about seeing a cute character doing erotic things! You know, like those moe-faced anime girls with the big titties in hentai? Yea, that sort of discrepancy is very charming to me! It's especially interesting seeing a beloved childhood character in such erotic situations. It's just different. Has a warm, cozy, familiar feeling but updated for a modern time. Like the character grew and changed along with you. I like it a lot!

Also, I really like drawing Zap; his design is simple, but effective and memorable to me. The body was always the hardest part for me to draw as a kid, but as an adult, it's much easier now. Plus I like drawing his grumpy looking face. It was always so charming!

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