Some of my favourite hobbies include: Playing video games, making art (drawing, writing stories and poems, painting, etc.), listening to music, travelling, watching cartoons/anime, movies, reading, baking, exercizing (I especially like yoga!), working on this site, falling asleep on the couch while the YT video essays lull me to sleep (very relaxing!) and learning about lost media

I flipped off some homophobic counterprotester at the first Pride I ever went to. It was a bit scary but also sooooooo satisfying at the same time. Would do again.

I don't usually talk much unless I'm with my friends/mutuals. Social interactions can be draining for me, so I might not respond to new DMs for a while.

Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, Misumi Nagisa from Pretty Cure and the other countless anime girls I liked looking at as a kid/teen helped me to realize that I wasn't completely straight lmfaooooo

The first video game I ever played was 'Super Mario Land 2:6 Golden Coins'! I got it along with a green Game Boy Pocket from my dad and uncle who went to a garage sale in Canada.

I think Zapo from Nitrome's Fault Line is very sexy. He, Domo and Spamton are perhaps the reasons why I like silly little men.


Guro and Ero-guro are pretty cool. I enjoy the aesthetics of those kinds of art, especially ero-guro nansensu as it combines some of my favourite themes to work with as an artist: corruption, decadence, erotica and other various taboo themes. The history surrounding its impact in Japan is facinating too!

I don't really care for proship vs antiship discourse. It's simply not a discussion I wish to be a big part of. However, I do think that people obsess too much over this idea that someone's personal morals are determined by what they make/consume. I can definitely understand being uncomfortable with the content and having personal boundries, which is fine, but it's another thing to accuse someone of committing a crime or being a legit predator just because their art makes you "uncomfy". This isn't even limited to this discourse. People can even be harassed and accused of serious stuff (being a bigot, creep, pedo, etc.) for harmless shit such as liking pinups of anime girls or liking more raunchy media like Kill La Kill and Panty and Stocking. As long as there are no real victims being harmed, any hate speech/bigotry/harmful ideologies being spread and that everyone involved in whatever is a consenting adult, then do whatever.

Fault Line is better than Test Subject Blue. Also, Zapo is way hotter than Blue.

As someone who's technically a sapphic person, I honestly don't care if someone labels themself as a bi/pan lesbian. I find online queer discourse like this annoying, useless and dangerously terminally online. Anti-trans bills, anti-drag bills, censorship of queer expression, hate crimes, police brutality and abuse of queer kids are far more pressing issues to worry about. Plus many of the people I see who are against bi/pan lesbians constantly "call-out" (AKA: harass/bully/discriminate/threaten) people who are bi/pan lesbians and it's disgusting. If you claim to be a better person than bi/pan lesbians but proudly "call-out" them and people who respect them, then you seriously need to rethink your priorities. If you don't like or understand the label, then fine, but don't harass people like that. Just leave them alone. It's not your label to claim.

Heterophobia and cisphobia cannot exist in a cisnormative/heteronormative world. Sure, some queer people are needlessly rude and shitty towards people for being cishet, but not only are they a very small minority, but said rudeness cannot compare to the very real and VERY common discrimination and abuse the LGBTQ+ community (which is an actually marginalized group of people) deals with on the daily. Anti-queer abuse, hate crimes, anti-queer laws, etc. cannot compared to some minor being dumb online or the occasional snarky commentary on weird cis/heteronormative ideals.