Content Warning

This website contains fictional works of art (stories, poems, artwork) that depict disturbing/triggering topics like:

Blood, Violence, Gore and Ero-Guro (Erotic gore)


Religious themes and imagery

Dub-Con (Dubious Consent) and Non-Con/Rape (Non-consenual sex acts, abuse, corrective rape)


Body Horror

Porn (pinups, consentual sex acts, BDSM)

Age gap (between adults)

Dark kinks (netorare/cheating, mindbreak, abduction, corruption, etc.)

Abuse (conversion therapy, child abuse, domestic abuse, animal abuse, etc.)

Suicide and self-harm

Body Shaming

Please remember: depiction =/= endorsement!

These are merely fictional works of art that explore darker themes. Artwork that depicts sensitive topics like abuse and discrimination do not necessarily reflect my actual views on said topics.

Content warnings will be displayed on/before pages containing such content.

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