Plans for the Site and Projects (12/10/2023)

Hi! So It's been a while since I've updated this site as I've been busy with other things. This time during these past 2 weeks has given me the oppotunity to decide on what I want to do with the site!

I initially wanted to have a separate page for a chatroom section of the site, but realized that I wouldn't care too much to use it, actually. I just decided to put one because I saw several other sites on Neocities with chatrooms and thought it would be cool. Plus I wouldn't care to moderate the page all the time to get rid of unwanted messages. Maybe I'll still keep the chatbox and put it on the main page or something. Idk lol.

Plus, I want to get started on the character bios section! I want to have a nice place to have easily accessible info about my ocs, and I have an idea already for how it might look.

I would like to still have an arcade section for the site where you could play little html games. If I could, maybe I could make an html version of Wackaman Jones? It would be cool to see that.

And of course, there's the sitemap and other little secret pages I wanna work on.

So yeah, that's it for now! Just decided to drop in and say hi, as well as kinda organize my thoughts on what I wanna do for the site!

Birthday Things! (20/09/2023)

Hi! I'm officially 24 years old today! I'm super old like the road now!

On Saturday, I went to go see The Meg 2 with my dad. It was pretty good imo! It was more of a comedy than the first one, but still had plenty of action! The big boy with the giant gun was hot. There was also a car show going on with some drag race cars, and they looked pretty cool! That Barbie box you could stand inside was still there too, so of course I had to get a pic in it!

At Starbucks, I like to draw my ocs on the receipts and pin them on the community board. I currently have Jones, Nunjara, Metadata and Decadrag on the board, as well as Zapo from Nitrome's Fault Line!

Also on Friday, I went to the mall and bought Chainsaw Man Volume 3. I've been wanting to check out the series for a while now, so I'll be reading it and checking ou the anime too. I'm thinking about drawing some nsfw art of Himeno because she's very pretty!

So yeah, my birthday was quiet and chill. I enjoyed it!

Boat Show Things! And other website updates! (06/08/2023)

Hi! Haven't talked here in a while. Yesterday I went to a boat show with my dad and little brother and it was so fun!

Lots of fast boats with their trophies displayed on top of them. Had some with some really funny names like "RAW KNOTS" and "KNOT IN SLOW MOTION" (furries will understand what I mean lol). There was a HUGE boat called "Iron Man" that was tilted up of a hydraulic lift thing. When it rained, everyone was huddled under one of the tents but the "KNOT IN SLOW MOTION" team was dancing up in the rain to the music on the music truck! They have an excellent cheerleader squad!

Anyways, reguarding this site, I've recently updated the main menu page and I'm very happy with it! It's now much closer to the OG design I had for it when I first made my acct on here. I've also been working on a chatroom and a reading area for stories I would be putting up on the site to read. However, I haven't been logging anything in my update log! Sorry about that! I do have an idea of when the main menu redesign happened, so I'll put in a date eventually. I'll also put in a date for when I make the reading area and chatroom actually available.

About me page is now up! + other thoughts (10/07/2023)

After procrastinating on it for weeks, my about me page is finally up!

I had fun working on this page! It helped me to better understand how to use divisions, iframes and marquees, so I think I leveled up my HTML coding skills a bit with this page!

I've only had this site for a few months now, but it's so cool to see how much it's evolved in such a short amount of time! I was a bit nervous signing up for Neocities at first because I didn't know how to code in HTML, so I'm very happy and proud of myself for getting this far with the site's development!

I have a lot of ambitious ideas for this site that I would love to implement in the future, like easter eggs, secret shrines and maybe little adventures you can go on (like visual novels kinda). I only have 1GB to work with so I gotta figure out how to use the space wisely, but still, I'm excited!

Guestbook section has now been added! (+ other ramblings) (30/06/2023)

Hello! I finally got around to adding a guestbook section to the site!

It's a bit bland looking right now, but I'll try to pretty it up! I just need to figure out how the settings work. I don't like how it wants you to add a background with a URL. I don't understand it right now, but I hope to soon.

Also, Trinidad and Tobago's Pride month celebrations officially started yesterday! I'm hoping that I can attend one or two of the events, especially the Pride parade and market on July 30th! I attended the one they had last year and it was a blast! It was also my first time going to Pride, so it was a special day for me! Hoping I can attend this one too!

Library is now OPEN! (18/06/2023)

Hi again! Just making another post to say that the library for this website is now open!

This section contains links to my comics and short stories on, as well as links to resources for many useful, educational things! You can even go outside and play with some cute animals, like Muffdiver5000 the Cactus and a Rainbow coloured stray cat! I'm happy with how this section turned out!

This section is still very new, so they're not much stuff to look at right now, but I'll add more things to the library as time progresses! I'll even put in pages for stories and poems that can be read on the site and don't need to be downloaded from my I want this site to be a fun place to explore and have fun on, and not just a place to promote my work on.

The library will also have a section for character bios of my ocs, but I still need to make those. That section is therefore still under construction.

Regardless, I hope that you enjoy what the site has to offer right now!

Hello, is anyone there? (03/06/2023)

Hi, Tetra here! I've finally gotten around to organizing the blog and updates log section! I want to work on the updates log first before working on the other sections so that I can better document this site's development! I'll add a guestbook section once I fix up the site a bit more. Maybe by the time I add in the library and/or the about me page. I'll have two separate sections for the blog and updates log so that they won't get mixed up with eachother too.

Anyways, I'm pretty happy with how well the site's been developing over the past few weeks! While I'm not new to coding in general (I took IT in secondary school and made a simple visual novel in RenPy), I'm new to coding in HTML and CSS, and I've never made a website before! I was a bit nervous going into this but now I think it's pretty fun!